Zecco TradeKing Merger – What’s new?

The much hyped and anticipated merger between Zecco and TradeKing has been successfully implemented and the market is abuzz with updates as to how it has worked for both the parties. Some big changes were implemented before the end of December. It all started with the merger of the Zecco accounts and platform, Zecco Trading Account Information and records on the 9th of December.

Zecco account holders were provided with instructions to migrate to TradeKing whereas TradeKing account holders who also had an account with Zecco will have their accounts migrated directly.

Now after taking care of account rollovers, the TradeKing Team is trying to optimize its platform. TradeKing has created a forum post where users can request updates or suggest enhancements to the already existing platforms. In a blog post around the Mid of December, TradeKing announced that they will put the feedbacks received from clients into action.

Last week, TradeKing has updated about the status of the updates and how the platform has progressed. Here are some of the updates/fixes that were made based on feedback from the users:

  • Daily gain/loss + percentage change was added to the holdings page on the TradeKing website.
  • The speed with which the navigation tabs would pop up when one hovers over it was slowed down on the Holdings Page.
  • Quicken – An account integration issue was fixed to ensure a hassle free upload of your TradeKing data
  • Some changes were also made to TradeKing Live. Columns can be customized and the user can add new data choices (including day’s loss/gain) to the Holdings module.
  • An account integration issue was fixed with Mint

Some of the current targets for TradeKing include:

  • Building a new Options Quotes Page which would allow users to view detailed information about a particular option, view a historical chart for a particular options and much more.
  • TradeKing will also try to modify the TRADEKING LIVE modules so that more data can be seen on the same page.
  • Multiple watch lists will be added to TRADEKING LIVE.
  • Enable viewing of more modules on the Account Summary Page.

TradeKing is trying to ensure that all the problems are sorted out, the suggestions from customer are taken into consideration and the changes are rolled out. Do watch this space for more updates.

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