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Experts at Fidelity – Real Estate is back in the forefront

11 July 2013

Why the recovery in real estate may last, and some ways an investor can take advantage. After years of bleak numbers amid a recession and housing bust, the U.S. real estate market finally seems to have regained its health. Residential housing recently posted its best year-over-year price gains since 2006 , and some of the hardest-hit...

Check out the Eight tax-smart savings tips by Fidelity Investments

11 July 2013

According to a survey conducted by Fidelity ’2013 Financial Resolutions Study’, Fifty-two percent of Americans listed “saving more money” as their top financial resolution, versus 46% last year. Fidelity’s suggestions are directed to resolve the two most common doubts every person encounter, one are they saving enough, two are they saving smartly. In general, Fidelity...

Experience the latest Thinkorswim technology by TD Ameritrade

09 July 2013

Our free interactive webcasts provide training on how to use specific features and tools within the thinkorswim platform, as well as education about different asset classes, such as equities, options, futures, and forex.   Scanning for Trades with Thinkorswim Wednesday, July 17, 2013, 8 p.m. ET Come experience the latest in thinkorswim scanning technology. Cindy...

New Podcasts let you take our webcasts with you – TD Ameritrade

09 July 2013

For Traders having an account with TD Ameritrade , there is some good news. They have launched podcasts with which you can subscribe to your favorite webcasts and listen to them free on iTunes.The procedure for subscribing is typing “TD Ameritrade” into the iTunes search field and subscribing to the video/audio versions of the podcasts....

Fundamental Analysis for the Newbs

07 June 2013

Are you thinking of trading or investing in the markets? Yes? Let me ask something. Do statements like “Apple seems to be fundamentally strong”, “Microsoft has attractive valuations at the current levels” or “Dell is trading at a high premium to its peers”, ring any bells? Are you able to comprehend the same and the...

Debt-to-equity ratio – Facts you must know

22 May 2013

The debt-to-equity ratio is basically an economic ratio of the funds added by the creditors and the funds contributed by a shareholder. This ratio explains the degree up to which the shareholders’ equity may accomplish the company’s responsibilities to the creditors during liquidation. The debt-to-equity ratio of a company portrays its financial status accurately. You...

Obama Market – Stock Market during Barack Obama Presidency and Re-election

15 November 2012

Pundits on both sides of the aisle have attempted to portray President Obama’s fiscal policy as everything from disastrous to savvy. Although the health of the stock market only represents part of the fiscal picture, it is one of the best measures of what the future may hold. A booming market represents a willingness to invest in new...

Market Outlook for Mid to November end 2012

13 November 2012

Been out for past few days as anyways I had decided to not trade until the dust settled after elections. So market bounced a little but I dont think we are out of the woods yet. Bounce seemed very weak and for the market to turn around, you usually need more conviction in the move...

Market looks close to bottomling but volatile week ahead – $AAPL $GOOG $XLF $SPY

05 November 2012

So the triple top pattern that I mentioned previously played out pretty nice. Even though I did not play the downside, I am happy my ass didn’t get chewed out when the market started to fall apart. One thing we all noticed that market actually held really well last week even after the terrible storm...

Fundamental Analysis for the Newbs

07 June 2013

Are you thinking of trading or investing in the markets? Yes? Let me ask something. Do statements like “Apple seems to be fundamentally strong”, “Microsoft has attractive valuations at the current levels” or “Dell is trading at a high premium to its peers”, ring any bells? Are you able to comprehend the same and the...

How to buy Penny Stocks Online | How to Trade Penny Stocks

29 April 2013

A stock which trades at a relatively low liquidity is called Penny Stock. Usually they trade under $5 and can be highly volatile. Trading penny stocks online can be a difficult for many traders. We are going to talk about how to buy penny stocks online. At this point, let me assume that you have...

How to play $AAPL and $AMZN earnings after $GOOG disaster in Q3 2012

19 October 2012

Few days back I wrote about my strategy for $GOOG run up trade for earnings. I ended up playing a bullish short $GOOG PUT spread and $AAPL bullish call spread. Both trades brought home decent gains, I did not like the action of overall $NASDAQ and hence ended up closing the trades prematurely and I...

Current State of US Economy: Key Highlights from the Fed Meet

25 April 2012

GDP is likely to continue to grow throughout 2013 and 2014, but at a slower than earlier expected. Unemployment to decline gradually, but it will still remain uncomfortably higher. Fed says it won’t hesitate to provide additional support to the economy if required. They will be closely monitoring inflation and unemployment situation. Current Inflation Scenario...

Taming the Critics of Globalization

06 February 2012

Our world is ever more interconnected than ever, and there is no escape from the fact that no economy can progress in isolation. Every economy, may it be fast developing nations or the better part of the world, everyone needs support to grow, sustain and retain the quality of life. Whether you believe it or...

G-20 Countries Debt Fears Resurface: Should Investors Worry about another US Downgrade?

31 January 2012

Ratings agency S&P once again issues warnings on sovereign creditworthiness of many G-20 nations including US, which was deprived of its AAA rating last August. According to S&P, US along with many other G-20 nations will face immense fiscal drags due to rising healthcare costs. It’s likely that governments of many key economies will find...

Algo/Automated trading system for retail traders

06 December 2012

In this article, we share all the useful software/data providers/service providers that are useful for traders. In particular for sophisticated traders who like to try automated trading. In Algo trading intro-II we briefly talked about Algo trading system. Just a recap, at a minimum a trading system needs to be able to place orders to...

Popular algorithmic trading strategies Part II

03 December 2012

This post is the second part of our series on popular strategies for algorithmic trading. The first part can be found here Part-I. In order to get acquainted about algorithmic trading and what it entails, please go through our introductory series on Algorithm trading Intro to algorithmic trading part I and Intro to algorithmic trading...

Popular algorithmic trading strategies Part I

27 November 2012

Before we start looking at some of these strategies, we expect you to understand the reasons for doing the algorithmic trading : See Algo trading intro – Part I and Algo trading intro – Part II. On the series of Algorithmic trading, in this part, we’ll take a look at the some of the popular...