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Global Trader 365 User Review Author: 26 December 2012

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Overall Global Trader 365 can be rated as good. Their payout ratio is 10% less when compared to other leading binary options brokers. Improvements can definitely be done on payout and tools front. On the other hand, user interface is a big plus. Beginners will find the platform very easy to utilize.
  • It offers exciting features like Double Up and Roll Over. Double Up allows the trader to double the money invested. This feature allows the user to double his profits if he feels he has a good chance of winning the trade. Roll Over gives trader the ability to extend the period of expiration thus reducing the risk and increasing his chances of winning the bet.
  • Percentage return for out of the money trades is not clearly specified.
  • Though the Double Up feature creates a new trade with the old conditions, the strike price will be the current price at which the trader selects the Double Up option.
  • The Roll Over option is available up to ten minutes before the expiration period of the trade. Range Trading is not available.
Global Trader supports comprehensive trading instruments in binary options trading:
  1. Fixed Return Options named as Binary Options
  2. One Touch
  3. 60 Seconds
  4. Option Builder
Global Trader does not charge any trading fee up front. Their cost structures are built into overall system winnings where traders make the wrong bets. So users might think they are not paying the broker anything for trading. While in reality the broker is banking the entire money from traders if they lose the bet.
Option Builder is a very unique feature offered by Global Trader 365 where the user can customize his trades based on assets, expiry date\time, investment and profit control risk. Profit control risk enables the user to select percentage returns for in the money and out of the money. Examples: 70%-10%, 62%-20%. Once registered, free demo trading account is available with a request through e-mail. This account is generally activated for 1-3 days. Virtual money of 1000$ is deposited into the account immediately. It offers a tool called Pro Trader, which gives the trader extended screen and complete insights into the trading history of all the assets available with Global Trader 365. This tool is very useful in aiding the trader to make time-based investment decisions based on the history of an asset (short period or long period). Global Trader 365 offers both daily and weekly market reviews. Depositions and withdrawals in and out of the account are very smooth. Global trader 365 has good customer service available in following forms: 1. Customer Phone support 2. 24 hour Live Chat 3. E-Mail They also provide a trading manager for every individual who opens a trading account.

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28 September 2013

In November 2012 I sent $ 4,000.00 to http://www.globaltrader365.com
This is an online binary trading company.
I lost most of my money and called it quits.

Out of the blue, in August, 2013 another broker, Phil Freadman, from the company called and said if I send $ 5,000.00 he could do some great trades for me.
He lost the money and asked for more again he said these were secure trades and I could not lose money.

The situation went from bad to worse and his boss, Gilbert Martinez re-assigned me to another broker Ed Green, where the same scenario unfolded.
In the main time my bank MSU had called me that this company was taking money from my credit card. (This without my knowledge)

A week later another broker Allen Goldberg took over.
He asked for more money.
Even if I said I didn’t have any more money and needed to pay my bills, he said I needed to send $ 5,000.00 to get my money.
He lost another $ 15,000.00 and demanded another $ 5,000.00 from me to send my money to pay my bills.
When I asked to return my money last week September 18, 2013, Allen Goldberg, the current broker said,” No problem, but you need to send $ 5,000.00 first”.
He kept trading with my money and lost more, so he needed another $ 5,000.00 to return my money.
I held my end of the bargain no matter how difficult.
Global trader 365 is now totally ignoring me
In the end. It is clear that they are not going to return my money.
They don’t answer my calls or emails anymore.

I would say the main culprit is Gilbert Martinez since he allows such tactics
In the end, I have invested $ 60.000.00
They are not willing to send me a statement of my deposits or send me my money back.
I have reported them to the board of trade and the Government protection plan but they obviously don’t care.
They are aware of it.
They were warned before, but did not answer my many phone calls or emails.
Please make sure they return my $ 60.000.00 plus penalties I acquired by not being able to pay my bills.
These people are heartless thieves and have no scruples.

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