Why Should You Trade with OptionsHouse?

Lately, OptionsHouse has been in the news for the wrong reasons. It raised flat fee from $2.95 to a flat $3.95. This made me take a fresh look at the popularly known broker for options trading and check if it still remains the cheapest in the pack of online discount brokers. Read on to find out:

Free Trades from OptionsHouse

Along with a competitive flat rate of $3.95/stock trade, OptionsHouse is still offering 100 free stock trades for new signups. This might be a limited time offer, so with the new rates you must hurry to sign up for a new account and get the most out of their package. Remember, their flat rates apply to stock trades only, and for trading in options, spreads and other instruments they have a different pricing structure, which is surely hard to beat. Using our brokerage savings calculator, you can compare the pricing and see your savings if you trade with OptionsHouse.

How to choose your stock broker?

I know it’s a hard choice to finalize on a broker, and some find it tedious to manage multiple accounts, so you must compare product and pricing from leading online brokers and opt for the one which suits your trading style.

To begin with, you will have to navigate through a large number of reviews and compare latest promotions, as online broking industry is witnessing a lot of new competition. Although, it can become much easier if you are aware of your trading needs, whether you are an options trader or you simply want to deal in stock trades. Then, knowing how much you trade on a monthly basis will further help you in narrowing down the choices.

Cheapest Online Discount Broker

OptionsHouse is becoming one of the most popular online discount brokers and the reason is quite apparent. Apart from their flat fee charging policy and free 100 trades, their commissions on options trading (for which it is more popularly known, and in fact, named after that) are quite reasonable.  They charge 5 for $5 or $8.50 plus 0.15 per contract which is far better than what other online brokers charge. OptionsHouse is a venture of PEAK6 Investments, L.P., which is a renowned proprietary options trading firm. For full review for OptionsHouse, please visit OptionsHouse User Review

OptionsHouse Rating & Ranking

Next, broker firms are time to time honored by surveys conducted by finance firms and media, particularly financial magazines. OptionsHouse has bagged a lot of such title and wards so far like the “Best For Options Traders” awarded by the Barron’s 2009 Online Broker and #1 Rating in Trade Experience, above distinguished brokers like OptionsXpress and ETrade.

Virtual Trading Services and Special Features

OptionsHouse has a wide palette of services and special features that add to the reasons for the company to make a difference. Their Virtual Trading Tool accessible to all members on signing up, though quite comparable to the one of OptionsXpress, is one of the most practical and helpful among all other instruments of various brokers.  Their Investment Platform is exceptionally convenient and well-suited for all types of traders. They have successfully tried to make it least distracting for the traders, letting them manage their transactions with an ease.

Investor Education Tools and Resources

Before I finish, their Tools and Education section is equipped with resourceful tools, calculators, screeners and simulators to help an active trader deal with their stock holdings in one of the most professional ways.  Time to time, they introduce trading guides, books, informative papers, webinars and various other learning tools to edify the traders with advanced trading and investing tips.

Is OptionHouse well suited for you?

If you’re a newbie at investing and trading and feel like putting it through its paces, OptionsHouse certainly one of the brokers to start trading with. There are primary two reason for it, biggest one being their free trading offer. Next is their really low rates. In fact OptionsHouse is among the top popular brokers at CompareBroker.com. Click here to find more details about them and open an account.

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Comments: 3
Bill T
13 February 2013

DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY HERE! I don’t know where to start with this online broker. The customer service here is awful. I have been a customer here for a couple of years and it has only gotten worse. I consider myself an active trader and make 20 trades per week. The brokers here are not properly trained or educated with margin trading, trading rules, order execution and options in general. They have EXCESSIVE hold times when you try to call in and talk to someone. I have tried a few times in the past week and was on hold for at least 30 minutes +. This is unacceptable and the manager who is in charge obviously does not care. I have tried to get a hold of this company and asked to speak to a supervisor and they always say that no one is available. They are in clear violation of rules. They also get payment for their order flow from the market makers and exchanges that they route their orders too. That is why many have previously said that their order execution is awful. I also have an account at ETrade and their orders route a lot quicker. OptionsHouse has a horrendous trading platform and is very outdated. Their charting is also horrible. I learned the hard way being here. Don’t waste your time with this company.

Varun Walia
10 April 2012

Too good to be true, but that’s how it is. ;)

Jake Calf
10 April 2012

They rock, best pricing out there. At first, I couldn’t believe that a broker with such great tools would charge so less. So, I went ahead and checked them for hidden costs and guess what? I felt like an idiot of sticking with a wrong brokerage for so long. If I had switched over to OptionsHouse an year ago, i could have saved much more than what I actually made in profits. :-(

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