Terrible iPhone App from TD Ameritrade ($AMTD) iStockManager Forced me to Switch to OptionsHouse

I have been an active trader for past one year and anyone can tell from my portfolio that I have done pretty well, to know more about it, check out Punit’s Portfolio . Btw I am very active on Twitter, if you would like to trade with me, feel free to follow me on here: Follow Punit

So far I’ve been using TD Ameritrade as my main brokerage for both Stock and Options trading. I admit that the pricing at TD Ameritrade is quite steep but honestly speaking, it was worth it for an active trader like me. Most of my trading is done on my iPhone and I have been using iStockmanager for past 6 months or so. Recently, iStockmanager was acquired by TD Ameritrade and believe me or not, now it is completely a waste of time. There are several problems with the app like

  1. Quotes not displaying at all
  2. Quotes getting mixed up
  3. App crashing on you
  4. Not allowing you to trade


For a list of more problems, please visit the Facebook page: iStockManager Problems


I took a further step and opened up a case with Consumer Forum hoping to put some pressure on TD Ameritrade. In the mean time, I have gone ahead and opened an account with OptionsHouse. Quality of service at OptionsHouse used to suck a lot until few months ago; I mean you never got what you paid for honestly. However I was pleasantly surprised at the improvements they have made. Their new trading platform is not just a surprising display of technological innovation but is also a calculative tool for out-and-out traders. OptionsHouse Platform props up a flexible option chain, professional-grade trading tools, and single-click trading. With a Picture-Perfect Trading scenario they create, transacting becomes more of fun than just an unexciting business arrangement. If time management, security and consistency be the questions, well, I found the new OptionsHouse a true friend that cares for each of my needs.  I couldn’t just keep my hands off for long and finally, yesterday I setup a transfer of 10k USD into my account to start using the account.

As I said I use my iPhone for most of my trading, another OptionsHouse feature that appeals me is their neat iPhone app that can be downloaded for free to enable for me trading-on-the-go! OptionsHouse iPhone App lets me monitor my trades and positions, search for tickers, companies and quotes, view quote charts, use trade spreads and try virtual trading.

OptionsHouse is currently offering 100 free trades OR 1 year free subscription to Wall Street Journal and many other offers that you can choose from. Click on the following link to get 100 free trades


100 Free Trades. Visit OptionsHouse.com Today

OptionsHouse is definitely worth looking into. Their pricing makes them even more attractive as compared to TD Ameritrade. Look at following comparison table for pricing difference.

Flat Rate for Stocks Flat Rate for Options Per Contract fee
OptionsHouse 3.95 8.5 0.15
TD Ameritrade 9.99 9.99 0.75
Options Trading Price Comparison
# Options OptionsHouse Commission TD Ameritrade Commission Savings
10 10 17.49 43%
20 11.5 24.99 54%
30 13 32.49 60%
40 14.5 39.99 64%
50 16 47.49 66%
60 17.5 54.99 68%
70 19 62.49 70%
80 20.5 69.99 71%
90 22 77.49 72%
100 23.5 84.99 72%
150 31 122.49 75%
200 38.5 159.99 76%
250 46 197.49 77%
300 53.5 234.99 77%
400 68.5 309.99 78%
500 83.5 384.99 78%
600 98.5 459.99 79%
700 113.5 534.99 79%
800 128.5 609.99 79%
900 143.5 684.99 79%
1000 158.5 759.99 79%
1500 233.5 1134.99 79%
2000 308.5 1509.99 80%

If you would like to open account with OptionsHouse or need more details, please check out: OptionsHouse Account

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Comments: 3
16 June 2011

iStockManager works great, this is just OptionHouse advertising.

    Varun Walia
    16 June 2011

    Its good to hear that you are not experiencing any glitches with istock. I agree that this write-up is in favor of OptionsHouse. But then its a great platform, rated by Barron’s for best customer experience, has great educational tools and what not. It has everything that any other broker has to offer. The only thing that OptionsHouse has less is brokerage fee. At $3.95/trade what else do you want ??? Tell me if you can find a better broker ;)

25 April 2011

I’m with you on this issue. I may leave Ameritrade soon, they just do not seem to care at all about their clients, and these issues show exactly what I mean. Their other software has problems too, and they had a bad issue with portfolios that is STILL broken after 2 months.

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