Survey on markets by TD Ameritrade – Mixed opinions from investors

The survey, from TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation (NYSE:AMTD), according to the quarterly retail investor sentiment, weighs the opinions of the younger investors, in retail, which seemed to have optimistic prospects, rather than their elder counterparts. The two distinct factors on which the survey hoovers around are the macro-economic factors and the state of capital’s balance sheet. The results can be summarized as a three-fold.

Survey Details: Sample space of 1022 online investors conducted by Research Now on behalf of TD Ameritrade. Each investor, who is 18 years or old, had assets of $10000 in multiple portfolios and traded at least once in the last year. Research Now claims that the error margin of survey, conducted on Jan 2- 10, 2013, is around 3 percent. Research Now and TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation are separate, unaffiliated companies and are not responsible for each other’s products and services.

Survey on markets by TD Ameritrade – Mixed opinions from investors

Investors’ economic expectations for 2013 will be a mixed bag of ups and downs.

46 percent of investors say that the first quarter of the U.S. Economy, 2013, will be hopeful as opposed to 43 percent in the last quarter of previous year. Some views of the investors can be listed as follows:

  1. S&P 500 will be higher – 55
  2. U.S. Unemployment will be low – 54 percent
  3. U.S. GDP will be higher – 45 percent
  4. Taxes will be higher – 85 percent
  5. Corporate earnings will be higher – 53 percent
  6. Federal Deficit will be higher- 73 percent

Worries raised over the economy, by younger investors, and deficit, by matured investors.

Investors are not so confident on long-term investment in the stock market. Major concerns are issues of economy (26 percent), like housing and unemployment, and federal spending (26 percent) and deficit issues (25 percent).

Washington’s incentives for investors to re-engage with markets.

15 percent of investors who traded less over the last year want to re-attach with the stock markets as they are confident on the following improvements this year:

  1. Federal Spending – 43 percent
  2. The Economy – 41 percent
  3. Political condition in Washington – 35 percent
  4. The markets in general – 31percent
  5. The nation’s tax code – 30 percent

Investors are more optimistic on the outlook of the economy and so is TD Ameritrade as it feels it can re-gain its momentum in the market. Tom Bradley, president of retail distribution for TD Ameritrade, speaks, “Our clients are turning to us more than ever for guidance and help as a result of the uncertainty in the environment. In fact, referrals to guidance based products and advice channels are at all-time highs.”

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