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What is a Penny Stock?

A stock that trades at relatively low price, usually outside of the major market exchanges is called a penny stock. In the US, the SEC defines a penny stock as a security which trades below $5 per share. They are traded over-the-counter on the OTC Bulletin Board, or Pink Sheets. Most penny stocks are thinly traded and often have low liquidity and are highly volatile.

What Is Penny Stock Trading Software?
As Penny Stock trading can be difficult and time consuming, a penny stock trading software is necessary to make profits. The softwares track the price change, and can interpret and detect certain patterns that penny stock trading has.

With these programs, you can buy and sell these extremely low-priced shares online for a fee. Software programs for penny stock traders can help provide them with information about penny stocks and their reward potential. The Penny stock trading software also helps you to acquire and understand the data about your potential investments. Intraday charts can help you determine the precise moment at which to take advantage of rises and dips in penny stock values. They can teach you how to trade and execute orders and how to evaluate the mood of the market. Penny Stock trading softwares also provide company information such as forecasts, P/E ratio, and more. You can also use these softwares for day trading penny stocks.

The same softwares can also be used as stock trading platforms. However, some of them are available with a free-trial. But, you have to pay for the advanced features. You can read the reviews of best stock trading here.

Penny Stock Trading Software in the Market

  1. Real Fast Trader
  2. Noble Trading
  3. AIQ Trading Expert
  4. Bookmaker
  5. CIS Trading Package
  6. DTN Wall Street
  7. First Alert
  8. Gann Trader
  9. Internet Trader
  10. MetaStock
  11. Power Trader Pro
  12. Real Tick III
  13. Stock Prophet
  14. TradeStation
  15. NAVA Patterns
  16. OpenArc
  17. Windows on Wall Street
  18. Worden Brothers Tele Scan

Take a look at the Best Penny Stock Brokers.

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