Is TradeKing a Suitable Brokerage Firm for You? And a Fine-Print View of their Current Promotions

If you are here to find out whether TradeKing is suitable for your trading/investment needs, then we would say – It’s worth taking a look at a brokerage with a motto “Be Good”.

We can read through the fine print of their offerings and give you the facts, but the final decision should be yours. Now, the question is if TradeKing is worth your time and money? It will only take a few minutes to read through this post and find it out. Make sure you check out the details of their current promotions at the end of this post.

Key Highlights of the Brokerage Firm

    • No Account Minimums
  • $4.95/ trade for stocks and ETFs, and an additional 65 cents for every options contract
  • Ranked #1 in Customer Service
  • All clients get Free Access to new active trading platform “TradeKing Live”, and a whole host of award-winning trading as well as research tools.
  • Access to Trader Network where clients can interact to share concepts and strategies.
  • All accounts protected with SIPC and additional third-party insurance.

Hall of Fame: – Why is TradeKing Different?

We know it’s really hard to make a choice when you find most brokerages in a tussle to give you the best tools, services and pricing. When you are unable to reach to a decision its better you look at awards and ratings that a brokerage has won in the recent past. This should help you identify the key strength areas of a particular broker. TradeKing has a solid past record and it won’t be possible to mention all of it in one post. So, let’s just take a look at their most recent achievements.

    • SmartMoney’s 2011 survey of brokerage firms ranked them #1 with a five-star rating for best in customer service.  This is the third instance where their customer service has been rated best in industry by SmartMoney.
  • Barron’s awarded TradeKing with 4 stars out of 5 for the sixth time in a row. In this 17th annual ranking of online brokerages TradeKing was recognized in two categories –  “Best for Options Traders” and “Best for Long-Term Investing”

Conclusion TradeKing surely has a simple to understand and low commission structure but they may not be cheapest brokerage out there. At the same time you cannot ignore their expertise and tools. Even we find them suitable for Options traders and long term investors.

Take a look at TradeKing’s ongoing Promotions

Refer a Friend and Get $50

TradeKing gives to an opportunity to make money by referring people to open an account with them. Your receive $50 in deposit when your referral funds his new account with $1000 and makes his first trade. You can refer as many people you want and even track conversions in real time. You should go through their payment rules and eligibility requirements to sort out any confusion. TradeKing’s Refer a Friend program is surely a good opportunity as you are likely to get a positive response from anyone who is willing to invest money.

Transfer Fees Refund up to $150

If you like what TradeKing has in its offering, but are worried of transfer costs then a deposit up to $150 should make it easier for you. Small investors can make the most out of this promotion as usually it’s the transfer costs that restrict them from making a switch to a better brokerage.

Get $25 for Wire Transfer to Fund your Account

Initial wire deposits $5000 and above get $25 in refund. This promotional offer does not apply to retirement accounts with TradeKing. Feel free to use the comment section to post any queries that you may have regarding TradeKing and we will be happy to respond back quickly. Tip- TradeKing is ranked #1 in customer service so you may first want to try them out.  Find out more brokerage deals

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Comments: 7
10 April 2012

What if I don’t like them? Do they refund balances without being a pain in *ss?

    10 April 2012

    James, yes if you don’t like Tradeking.. they have no issues in closing your account and transferring your money back to your checking account. There is absolutely no issue in trying them out.

      street bug
      11 April 2012

      James, No need to worry about your money! They will return it back just like most other brokers, nothing should hold you from trying them out. Good Luck!

        Trade Racer
        11 April 2012

        Yeah, go ahead and try em out. Do come back and share your honest opinion.

Ratings Crap
10 April 2012

So, ratings from Barrons and SmartMoney make them different ;) I would rather try them first

Stupid Question
10 April 2012

Is their customer service really that great? I haven’t had a single good experience with any brokerage when it comes to customer support. It looks like these support teams are more of HR people trying to handle objections rather than moving their butt to solve issues.

Varun Walia
06 April 2012

TradeKing is surely one of the most competitive discount broker when it comes to cheap pricing. If you want to compare their offering, then you should compare them to OptionsHouse and Zecco

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