Is the New OptionsHouse Trading Platform Really Faster and Better?

I had become so much accustomed to OptionsHouse trading platform and the features that I often dropped comments and feedbacks at other stock broker sites, looking for similar features.

One day, I logged in to my usual trading platform to execute some transaction, and what I saw was a Surprise! The platform with a whole new face-lift, well not just a face-lift but completely revamped welcomed me aboard.  Although, it was all much unexpected, exploring through the new version of my already favorite trading platform was an adventurous experience.

As a matter of fact, it took me some time to understand the new design as things din’t come naturally to me, but once I figured out the difference between the old and the new platform, I actually appreciated their effort, not just because it gave me something different, but I eventually realized there were so many features that would have been upgraded but I never realized until they insinuated there is always a scope for improvement. That’s what I really felt, what I had always believed to be the best has now become even better! (And I feel short of superlatives that we were taught in the high school!) :)

Trading becomes a seamless, uninterrupted, high-speed, out of harm’s way, and what not! Probably, picture perfect trading is what I would call I experience with this widget. I almost fell in love with how petty concerns were given utmost attention to bring out a stunning success.

So let’s take a sneak-peak at what the new platform encloses for us all to explore and benefit from.

Now Enjoy Lightening Fast Trades on OptionHouse Platform

Timing plays a crucial role when it comes to day trading. So a trading platform ought to have a good speed; in fact, the faster, the better! The new OptionsHouse trading platform is designed to ensure real high speed. Data and quotes stream at a fast pace and a latest built-in trading ticket can be commenced from almost any window on the platform. Just hit off with your mouse any ‘blue link’ on the account screen to promptly straighten out a trading ticket.

Like Never Before Customize your Trading Platform for More Control

So what doesn’t look all the more better when you have the freedom to tweak it your way? Well, the new trading platform is all-set for personalization, so simply lay your hands on the tool to add or remove Widgets as per your choice, view multiple chains, and change appearance of your option chain. What’s more, although the background color which is now black by default, a little visualization enhancement is on and soon you’d be able to change it as per your preference.

Customization of the layout is not provided by online stock brokers in the first place; and even if it is, it’s never been so smooth and helpful before. With a list of layouts to choose from, you can now make your trading platform look the way you want it to.

Between, if you miss that sweet, little feature that allowed you to click on the symbols on the watchlist; brace yourself, as they are soon enabling the feature again, on request! So, who’d be more concerned to walk through all the steps again and bring back something you mentioned you need?

Amazing Trade Tools at your Finger-Tips

You can also take advantage of the Trade GeneratorTM, which looks around for trade opportunities based on user-input.

Get More with Advanced Order Types

The new advanced order types, such as OTO (Order Triggers Order), OCO (Order Cancels Order), OTOCO (Order Triggers OCO), and OTT (Order Triggers Two Orders). The order summary area lets you to immediately review and confirm any standing order commands.

The Transition to the New Platform

Because they understand us, and want to proffer the very best to us, the changeover from the old to the new platform has been kept slow and easy. It is not forced upon you, rather they let you embrace each small part of the new thing and accept it as it comes. They’re open for feedbacks, comments and suggestions, and working tooth and nail to bring about something commendable, something worthy, up to expected standard. Each one of us matter to them, that’s what makes me one of the most committed traders who use OptionsHouse and say it loud and clear- some perfect things get even better with time!

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