Introducing The TradeStreet – A Power Network for Stock Traders

Hello Traders and Investors,

Happy new year!

While now it’s the time to make new resolutions, we’d already taken one last year. Since then we’ve been through a series of endless nights and burning vigor that has led us today to its execution.


We’re proud to announce our new product- TheTradeStreet – The Power Network for Traders. The TradeStreet is aimed towards facilitating learning among traders. After all, what better way to learn and leap to the next level of your trading than other traders themselves!

The TradeStreet is a giant leap ahead of existing platforms on many fronts. Here’s why:

  1. The TradeStreet provides a powerful and seamless social networking experience that is custom made for trading community.
  2. Use the power of crowd sourcing to generate ideas, analyze markets and track various stocks. More importantly, learn from the leaders and your fellow traders as they share their trades & discuss trading ideas.
  3. You can check out the track record of all traders and find new traders whom you can trust.
  4. We have some notable kick-ass traders from communities like Biotech; you can follow them, send them messages, or simply watch them perform the tricks of their trades! Pun intended.


Inspiration behind The TradeStreet

There is a story behind why we decided to build this platform. When CompareBroker’s founder Punit started trading for the first time back in 2009, he used to visit Yahoo message boards and similar platforms for clearing up his head and discussing on investment decisions. A few times- he got burnt pretty badly by trading stocks which were totally scam; Yahoo board had him believe otherwise.

Slowly he noticed that people started migrating to Twitter for authentic stock discussions. But as anyone can guess, Twitter is great for sharing generic ideas but totally lacks the ability to identify trends. Furthermore, it doesn’t have any support for discovering promising stocks and/or trustworthy traders.

That inadequacy was the birth and the source of inspiration to build a platform catering exclusively to the eager community of traders and investors.

So here we present to you all, a true web 2.0 platform tailored towards traders like us and everyone we talk and stalk the whole day on twitter!

Remember you’re amongst the first lucky ones to hear and preview the beta run. So come on, and give the freshly baked good a try here.

And don’t forget to subscribe to our weekly newsletter here

If you have any questions, please feel free to Punit via twitter or through comment below.

Happy Trading!

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