Prevent a hack attack of your online brokerage account – Watchful steps to take

Thrift, efficiency and convenience are the hallmarks of online brokerage accounts and online banking. Unfortunately, some cyber criminals find online banking expedient for ripping off unwary consumers, using a wide array of scams to rob passwords and account numbers. The internet and the wireless technology, more popularly known as Wi-Fi, have made it easier for...

Is Gold close to the buy-zone yet? $GLD

$GLD is a weird instrument to trade. It just seems to trade without much logic. I honestly think GLD trades more on emotion than its intrinsic value. The notion of GLD being the safe haven is what drives the prices higher every time there is some uncertainty in the market. We did some digging on...

No need to be a hero – market character change – Oct 2012

bear market oct 2012
Market has shown a big change in character in past several trading sessions. Instead of buying a dip, now the trend seems to be sell the rips. If you look around, leaders are getting spanked big time. After $SPY breached its 50 DMA, that was a big red signal to get the f**k out. Such...

Planning to Survive on Fixed Income from Bonds? It’s Risky!

Key Risks to Fixed Income Investing in Bonds
Newbie investors usually tend to overlook the risks associated with fixed income instruments. It’s the complexity of these instruments which they fail to understand. The risks may not be comparable to stocks, but they are significant for a conservative kind. So, as it goes with stock investing, diversification is the key to managing risks even...

Investment Mantra: Get Smarter Than The Fund Managers!

investing better than a fund manager
Before the investment process begins, it is vital to develop an individual investment philosophy and find a track to follow towards designing the investment portfolio and tracking the financial markets. Every individual investor and professional money manager must develop an investment philosophy before the foundation of the investment process is laid. This is how we...

Understanding Investment Risks and Effective Diversification

investment risks and effective diversification
Many money managers toss around an old investment adage “be risk diverse, not risk averse”. This captivating concept is one of the strengths of any good investor. Lets read further to find out why risk isn’t as bad as it sounds. Diversification isn’t as simple as many would wonder, its a complicated strategy and you should be aware...

Ideal Investment Portfolio for 2012: What’s best for your Money?

portfolio allocation
People seeking a safe haven from the prevailing turbulence in the stock markets tend to drift towards cash investments. Such investments maintain a degree of security during times of turmoil but investors need to clearly understand the baggage of such investments. Yields of money funds are approaching zero, and after factoring in inflation the yield...

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