Obama Market – Stock Market during Barack Obama Presidency and Re-election

Pundits on both sides of the aisle have attempted to portray President Obama’s fiscal policy as everything from disastrous to savvy. Although the health of the stock market only represents part of the fiscal picture, it is one of the best measures of what the future may hold. A booming market represents a willingness to invest in new...

Market Outlook for Mid to November end 2012

Been out for past few days as anyways I had decided to not trade until the dust settled after elections. So market bounced a little but I dont think we are out of the woods yet. Bounce seemed very weak and for the market to turn around, you usually need more conviction in the move...

Market looks close to bottomling but volatile week ahead – $AAPL $GOOG $XLF $SPY

Elections 2012 Confusion
So the triple top pattern that I mentioned previously played out pretty nice. Even though I did not play the downside, I am happy my ass didn’t get chewed out when the market started to fall apart. One thing we all noticed that market actually held really well last week even after the terrible storm...

No need to be a hero – market character change – Oct 2012

bear market oct 2012
Market has shown a big change in character in past several trading sessions. Instead of buying a dip, now the trend seems to be sell the rips. If you look around, leaders are getting spanked big time. After $SPY breached its 50 DMA, that was a big red signal to get the f**k out. Such...

Potential Triple Top vs. Holding 50 DMA – Game on for $SPY $XLF $QQQ

Last was IMO was proceeding in a bullish way in the first part of the way. While $QQQ was showing real weakness, financials ($XLF) & $SPY continued to put up a strong face. However $GOOG dropped the bomb during the day on Thursday and that caused wide market drop. While the drop seemed mild on...

How to play $AAPL and $AMZN earnings after $GOOG disaster in Q3 2012

Few days back I wrote about my strategy for $GOOG run up trade for earnings. I ended up playing a bullish short $GOOG PUT spread and $AAPL bullish call spread. Both trades brought home decent gains, I did not like the action of overall $NASDAQ and hence ended up closing the trades prematurely and I...

Strategy: Trading is all about Apple ($AAPL) and Facebook ($FB) these days

These two scripts are weighing heavy on trading as well as investment sentiment these days. The recent rally in the US markets saw these two stocks moving in the opposite directions. Now, this trade looks to be over extended, both for Apple which is in a bull market of its own, and Facebook which has...

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