New Podcasts let you take our webcasts with you – TD Ameritrade

For Traders having an account with TD Ameritrade , there is some good news. They have launched podcasts with which you can subscribe to your favorite webcasts and listen to them free on iTunes.The procedure for subscribing is typing “TD Ameritrade” into the iTunes search field and subscribing to the video/audio versions of the podcasts....

Fundamental Analysis for the Newbs

Are you thinking of trading or investing in the markets? Yes? Let me ask something. Do statements like “Apple seems to be fundamentally strong”, “Microsoft has attractive valuations at the current levels” or “Dell is trading at a high premium to its peers”, ring any bells? Are you able to comprehend the same and the...

Debt-to-equity ratio – Facts you must know

debt to equity ratio
The debt-to-equity ratio is basically an economic ratio of the funds added by the creditors and the funds contributed by a shareholder. This ratio explains the degree up to which the shareholders’ equity may accomplish the company’s responsibilities to the creditors during liquidation. The debt-to-equity ratio of a company portrays its financial status accurately. You...

Penny Stock Trading Software | Day Trading Penny Stocks | Stock Trading Platforms

penny stock trading software
What is a Penny Stock? A stock that trades at relatively low price, usually outside of the major market exchanges is called a penny stock. In the US, the SEC defines a penny stock as a security which trades below $5 per share. They are traded over-the-counter on the OTC Bulletin Board, or Pink Sheets....

Free Day Trading Software

best day trading charting software
What is a Day Trading Software? A Day Trading Software is a computer program used by active and swing traders to facilitate trading. The following is the list of free day trading software available online: Day Trading Software Free Trial Available Button Trader Demo Version is free for 6 months Telechart from Worden Free 14...

Best Day Trading Software for Active Traders and Investors | Reviews 2013

best day trading charting software
What is a Day Trading Software? A Day trading software is a computer program that is used by a majority of traders, and is intended to facilitate day trading of stocks or other financial instruments. Day trading software falls into three main categories: Data, Charting, and Trade Execution. Data: The exchanges don’t generally concern themselves...

Everything You Need to Know About Mini Option

everything you should know about Mini-Options
What is A Mini Option? A mini option will serve the same purpose as regular options; the only difference is in the lot size of underlying instrument. In the case of standard options, that is 100 but with mini option, that’s reduced just to 10.The goal behind mini options, which began trading on March 18,...

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