Fundamental Analysis for the Newbs

Are you thinking of trading or investing in the markets? Yes? Let me ask something. Do statements like “Apple seems to be fundamentally strong”, “Microsoft has attractive valuations at the current levels” or “Dell is trading at a high premium to its peers”, ring any bells? Are you able to comprehend the same and the...

How to buy Penny Stocks Online | How to Trade Penny Stocks

penny stock trading how to buy penny stocks
A stock which trades at a relatively low liquidity is called Penny Stock. Usually they trade under $5 and can be highly volatile. Trading penny stocks online can be a difficult for many traders. We are going to talk about how to buy penny stocks online. At this point, let me assume that you have...

How to play $AAPL and $AMZN earnings after $GOOG disaster in Q3 2012

Few days back I wrote about my strategy for $GOOG run up trade for earnings. I ended up playing a bullish short $GOOG PUT spread and $AAPL bullish call spread. Both trades brought home decent gains, I did not like the action of overall $NASDAQ and hence ended up closing the trades prematurely and I...

Parting ways with Losses: How you should protect Investment Returns?

investing made simpler
The degree of risk you are willing to bear determines the kind of returns you can generate. That said, bonds come with minimal risks and similar are the returns. You can barely fight inflation with a bond portfolio. Then, we have stocks and options where the degree of is substantial, so is the possibility of...

Ingredients for Safe yet full of Spice Investment Portfolio

investment tips
  Consider these before Investing Investing in whatever comes across first doesn’t just sound orthodox, but is kind of weird these days. You have some spare money, and you want to invest it before you end up spending it all- understandable, but simply buying an investment product without defining your purpose, understanding the circumstances and...

Stock Picking Tips for 20 Percent or Higher Average Returns Annually

20 percent high annual return on investments
Does an average 10% return from equities looks attractive to you? In the current environment, most investors are quite comfortable with much less than that. In my opinion, you are a below average investor if you are not generating double digit returns over the longer term. The truth is that you can even make 20%...

Investment Mantra: Get Smarter Than The Fund Managers!

investing better than a fund manager
Before the investment process begins, it is vital to develop an individual investment philosophy and find a track to follow towards designing the investment portfolio and tracking the financial markets. Every individual investor and professional money manager must develop an investment philosophy before the foundation of the investment process is laid. This is how we...

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