Current State of US Economy: Key Highlights from the Fed Meet

Fed on state of US economy
GDP is likely to continue to grow throughout 2013 and 2014, but at a slower than earlier expected. Unemployment to decline gradually, but it will still remain uncomfortably higher. Fed says it won’t hesitate to provide additional support to the economy if required. They will be closely monitoring inflation and unemployment situation.

Taming the Critics of Globalization

Understanding the impact of globalization
Our world is ever more interconnected than ever, and there is no escape from the fact that no economy can progress in isolation. Every economy, may it be fast developing nations or the better part of the world, everyone needs support to grow, sustain and retain the quality of life. Whether you believe it or...

G-20 Countries Debt Fears Resurface: Should Investors Worry about another US Downgrade?

Time to sell on downgrade worries
Ratings agency S&P once again issues warnings on sovereign creditworthiness of many G-20 nations including US, which was deprived of its AAA rating last August. According to S&P, US along with many other G-20 nations will face immense fiscal drags due to rising healthcare costs. It’s likely that governments of many key economies will find...

A Glimmer of Hope for Europe in 2012: Is the worst really over?

Euro debt crisis in 2012
Over the past one year global stock markets failed on all attempts to rally as consistent negative news flow continued to trigger selloffs in panic. Fears still loom that debt crisis in Europe will put brakes on global recovery, and this could mean that we will see a volatile 2012 for stock markets globally. I...

Eurozone Debt Crisis: How worse can it get in 2012?

eurozone crisis to explode in 2012
As discussed in the earlier post, the current situations prevailing in Europe are more likely to worsen in 2012 than they have the chance to head for the better. However, I know taking directional calls on economies of such scales isn’t a wise thing to do as almost certainly things always pan out in a different order....

European Debt Crisis: A setup for Global Collapse?

Europe Debt Crisis
As we close the year on a flat note for the US stocks, investors are rightly worried about the far reaching impact of the European crisis as it threatens to put breaks on the ongoing recovery in the US. At this point in time, when most investors are busy assessing and rebalancing their investment portfolios,...

Is the US Job Market Really Improving?

job market
If you go by the numbers, there is every reason to believe that the Job Market is gaining traction as the recent statistics released by the labor department indicate a drop from that sticky 9 percent zone to 8.6 percent. Well, this monthly drop in unemployment rate was on the back of 120,000 jobs created...

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