Algo/Automated trading system for retail traders

List of Algo trading service providers2
In this article, we share all the useful software/data providers/service providers that are useful for traders. In particular for sophisticated traders who like to try automated trading. In Algo trading intro-II we briefly talked about Algo trading system. Just a recap, at a minimum a trading system needs to be able to place orders to...

Popular algorithmic trading strategies Part II

This post is the second part of our series on popular strategies for algorithmic trading. The first part can be found here Part-I. In order to get acquainted about algorithmic trading and what it entails, please go through our introductory series on Algorithm trading Intro to algorithmic trading part I and Intro to algorithmic trading...

Popular algorithmic trading strategies Part I

VWAP Execution
Before we start looking at some of these strategies, we expect you to understand the reasons for doing the algorithmic trading : See Algo trading intro – Part I and Algo trading intro – Part II. On the series of Algorithmic trading, in this part, we’ll take a look at the some of the popular...

Intro to algorithmic trading-part II

algo trading system
In the first part, we gave an introduction to Algo aka algorithmic trading and talked about why and when it’s needed. While that was a brief overview, in this part we’re going to get our hands dirty and design an actual algo trading strategy. Algo Trading System Let us talk briefly about what we need...

Intro to Algorithmic trading – Part I

What is Algorithmic Trading? At its most basic form, Algorithmic trading, also referred to as Algo trading, uses algorithms for deciding the time and size of sub-orders once an order has been given to such a system. It’s different from deciding what order has to be placed. So, let us say you want to buy...

How are institutional brokers different from retail brokers?

In definition, both solve the same purpose which is to provide a platform for their clients to sell or buy securities. But the critical difference comes from behaviour of a typical retail trader against an institutional one. 1. A game of numbers First and foremost difference is that institutional traders pretty much deal with very...

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