Best IRA Deal Tax Season 2012: Free Trades and a Lot more with OptionsHouse

Don’t have an OptionsHouse IRA yet? What would be a better time to open an IRA than this when they have come up with an amazing offer and its tax season already! The all-new OptionsHouse IRA offers you 100 commission free trades when you open up a new IRA or rollover an existing one. The offer is available only till 17th April, 2012 and there isn’t much time left. That’s not all!


What’s more? When you rollover your IRA account to OptionsHouse, you get $125 compensation in transfer fees. OptionsHouse is all set to amaze its users with their no minimum balance- no set up fees- no annual charges feature.

Yes, you heard it right! With OptionsHouse, you can choose to open or rollover a Roth, Traditional or SEP IRA account. And if you already trade with OptionsHouse, you can open up your IRA with your existing account and manage all your account at an ease.

OptionsHouse has always been synonymous to powerful trading with their smart interactive platform, market tested tools, low pricing, and flexible options.

They’ve been ranked #1 by Barron’s for Mobile in 2012. So what’s stopping you from opening up an IRA account with the best rated service provider just when you need it the most?

  • Enjoy flat fee at $3.95 per stock trade
  • For trading Options you can pick from two plans: (1) 5 option trades for $5 (2) $8.50 + $.15 per contract
  • No need to pay extra for broker assisted trades
  • Don’t be worried about annual maintenance or account opening fee
  • Get FINRA and SIPC protection
  • Get free access to Educational material and Webinars conducted by professionals

Go ahead and check them out for yourself!

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Comments: 8
Varun Walia
14 April 2012

If you trade frequently, you will save a lot with them.

12 April 2012

Punit, thanks for your advise. I compared them with TD Ameritrade. I might try them both, as I am not a great fan of cheap rates. Lets see if optionshouse work well for me. Again, thanks for the info, I might come back and share my experiences.

Tim the Trader
12 April 2012

I have attended their options webinars, New guys should not miss these.

Gummy Bear
10 April 2012

They have two plans for trading Options. Which one you think is better for someone making around 10-15 trades each month?

    10 April 2012

    I say go for $5 for 5… to me that looks better unless you trade large number of contracts. If you do trade LOT of contracts, I would choose $8.5 + 0.15 / contract pricing, that comes out to be so much better.

10 April 2012

I see Barrons rated them No 1 for options traders. Are they good for Stocks & ETFs? Is there any hidden fact that we should know?

    10 April 2012

    No hidden fact except that OptionsHouse is relatively much cheaper than others like TD Ameritrade which is considered to be market leader in brokerage industry. But for that price, I bet you will be happy. Recently OptionsHouse has revised their UI and it is MUCH better than how it was last year. So I still recommend having an account with them, there is just no doubt about that.

    11 April 2012

    I save a lot on my trades. That is one hidden fact!

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